The Best B2B Sales Software On The Market

September 18, 2022

Sales professionals need the best tools available to them in order to be successful. In this article, we will discuss some of the top B2B sales tools that can help you sell more today. These tools include CRM software, social selling platforms, and lead generation tools. Let's take a closer look at each of these tools:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is an absolute must-have for any B2B sales team. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with all of the necessary tools to research and connect with potential customers on LinkedIn.

Some of the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include:

  • Advanced Search Filters - With advanced search filters, you can target your ideal buyer with laser precision. This ensures that you are only spending your time on leads that are actually interested in your product or service.

  • Lead Recommendations - LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with a list of recommended leads, based on your current search criteria. This is an excellent way to quickly find new prospects that you may not have otherwise been able to find.

  • In-Depth Profiles - LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you access to in-depth profiles of your leads. This includes information on their work history, education, phone number and current occupation. This information can be extremely valuable when trying to connect with a lead via cold email or sales calls.

  • Messaging - LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to send direct messages to your leads. This is an excellent way to start a conversation and build a relationship with a potential customer.

If you are serious about selling to businesses, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an absolute must-have tool. 

Pricing starts from  ~$100 per month

linkedin sales navigator dashboard

Better Proposals

Your sales cycle will be transformed by reputable proposal software. You'll adore all the choices Better Proposals has to provide if you are still emailing PDFs and putting off starting a new proposal as it can be time-intensive.

Key features of Better Proposals include:

  • You can select from various prewritten templates in the program suited for any business. The editor does not require any prior design knowledge, so if you would like to make your own, you may do it with simplicity.
  • Instead of lengthy copy-paste paragraphs of text, you can keep a particular section of your proposal in your library of content and utilize it in your subsequent proposals. Better Proposals enables you to create proposals and organize and deliver them with a secure link as a landing page.

  • It improves the professionalism of your proposal and assists in preventing your email from being flagged as trash or spam by your customer's email system.

  • The proposal analytics will provide precise information about who opened and viewed your proposal when, on what device, and how long they lasted on each part. Knowing the client's issue makes it simple to follow up.
  • The proposals are enforceable contracts that may be accepted with a digital signature, which converts your written name into a digital signature. Lastly, customers can pay you directly from the proposal via PayPal, GoCardless, or Stripe.

Pricing starts from $19/user per month

better proposals


One of the most well-liked platforms for client involvement that provides conversational customer assistance is Intercom. The product's main purpose is to facilitate the development of connections with your clients. Additionally, it can be utilized to conduct product demonstrations and to offer assistance throughout the entire sales process.

Key features of Intercom include:

  • With variations of it accessible for your mobile app, website, and more, it elevates the live conversation to a different level. This strategy makes it simpler for clients to get in touch with you to solve their issues, encouraging more repeat sales.

  • With the help of Intercom, you may attempt to change your sales strategy from mass-messaging prospective consumers and seeing what sticks to a customer-level model that focuses on a personalized approach, which is what customers want.

  • You could observe who your clients are and understand their expectations via Intercom. Based on significant data, you may divide, filter, and track them.

  • You may also extract firm information, including the type of business they are, where they are located, and similar information, as well as behavioural information that will enable you to target clients based on activities they made or decided not to take on the app you have.

  • The bots assist you in real-time leads qualification, routing, scheduling appointments, and conversations for the most solid leads. Contact the most potential leads after you've identified them with personalized emails and text alerts.

Pricing varies from $59/mo to $999/mo depending on your requirements. 

intercom software


Your sales teams can use Mailshake for all of your B2B outbound outreach initiatives. Thanks to it, you may connect with many more customers, schedule more appointments, and make more sales. Its most well-liked applications include mass distribution of cold emails, telephone, and online networks prospecting, and easy dashboard management.

Some of the best aspects of Mailshake include:

  • Ability to create an automatic Omni channel marketing that makes it simple to optimize your sales process.

  • Customized cold emailing at magnitude is a fantastic feature that Mailshake provides. You can mail merge, track clicks, opens, and replies, get sending controls, perform A/B testing, set up automated follow-ups, and perform in-the-moment copy analysis.

  • It also aids in lead scoring and segmentation with its unique ‘temperature scale’. An offer with 0–1 opens will be labelled as a cold lead, one with several openings or clicks as a warmed lead, and one with numerous opens, clicks, and responses as a hot lead

Pricing starts from $58/user per month

mailshake software


Although it nearly goes without saying, Salesforce is a crucial piece of B2B sales software and when harnessed correctly is one oft the best sales tools available. But what exactly is Salesforce? Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) platform. CRM platforms are software solutions that help businesses manage their customer interactions and data. 

Salesforce is one of the most popular sales CRM platforms on the market. In fact, it's so popular that 'Salesforce' has become synonymous with CRM in many people's minds. 

It's designed to help sales teams manage their customer relationships. It does this by tracking customer interactions, managing customer data, and providing tools for salespeople to use in their day-to-day work. 

Salesforce is divided into a few different parts:

  • Sales Cloud: This is the main Salesforce platform. It includes comprehensive customer relationship management, a sales pipeline with lead and opportunity management tools, revenue forecasting, and email sales automation tools.

  • Service Cloud: This is Salesforce's customer service solution. It includes features like case management and live chat.
  • Marketing Cloud: This is Salesforce's marketing automation software. It includes features like email marketing and leads nurturing.

  • Commerce Cloud: This is Salesforce's eCommerce platform. It includes features like product catalogues and order management.

  • Analytics Cloud: This is Salesforce's business intelligence platform. It includes features like data visualization and dashboards. This will allow you to clearly track your sales performance over time in a no-code report building interface.

In short, if you're in B2B sales, you need Salesforce or a competitor equivalent to consolidate your customer relationship and sales activities in a single software.

salesforce software


Kluster is a sophisticated sales forecasting and pipeline management solution. It analyses CRM data and generates insights that simplify and predictably enhance your sales process. It's like your own personal sales assistant. Kluster is the first solution of its kind to offer real-time collaboration between salespeople and managers. It gives everyone unparalleled visibility into the pipeline, so you can work together to close more deals, faster. Kluster is also the only solution that offers a completely customisable interface. You can tailor the look and feel of Kluster to match your brand, and even add your own logo. The bottom line? Kluster helps you close more deals, faster. And that means more revenue for your business.

Pricing is customised to the usage requirements of each business


The leading proposal, contract, and document solution in the B2B Sales software sector. PandaDoc streamlines the contract generation and signing procedure. The step becomes repeatable, scalable, and predictable as a result.

Sales representatives can use Pandadoc to:

  • Create and manage quotes, proposals, and contracts
  • Access customer information and engagement reports
  • Track interactions with potential and current customers

Pricing starts from $19 per month/per user with a powerful Free tier also available



This handy B2B sales software allows you to manage employee email signatures centrally turning them into a potent B2B lead-generating channel on their own. Create measurable email banner campaigns to plug your latest content, offers, events & more. Distribute them to employees with a click. And measure your results in real-time. Mailtastic is suitable for companies of all sizes and across many different departments.

Pricing is customised to each company - get in touch with their sales team to learn more



Leadfeeder is a tool that helps businesses identify and connect with potential leads through their website. It collects data on website visitors and provides information on who they are, what they do, and how they found the company's website. This allows businesses to target potential customers more accurately and connect with them more effectively.

Leadfeeder can be used to generate leads, track conversions, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It also provides insights on which channels are driving traffic to the website and how visitors are interacting with the site. This information can be used to improve website design and content, as well as marketing strategies.

Pricing starts from $79/month based on leads and also offers a free website visitor tracking software solution



Drift has created a set of conversational sales SaaS solutions to facilitate and speed up prospecting. It offers real-time notifications, AI chatbots, customized content, and website visitor statistics. It helps businesses close more deals by making it easy to have conversations with prospects.

Use B2B sales team can use Drift to:

  • Get more leads with conversational forms
  • Qualify leads with chatbots
  • Schedule more demos with Driftbot
  • Book appointments in minutes
  • Send personalized messages at scale with sequences

Pricing starts at roughly $600 per month for 10 seats on the Premium plan



Slack is the top business collaboration and communication tool for sales. But it's not only for sending cat videos and memes! Additionally, it may be utilized to reach out to prospective clients and consumers and strengthen those crucial business ties. It's also a great way to stay organized, as all messages and files are automatically archived.

Slack is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It's also possible to use Slack without downloading the app by visiting the website. However, some features are only available through the app.

Pricing starts from $7.25 per person/month

slack software

Final Thoughts

The listed tools complement each other perfectly and cover every facet of the selling process. It's crucial to have dependable CRM, customer relations, and outreach software in addition to trustworthy proposal writing and mailing software.

These are just a few of the top B2B sales tools that can help you sell more today. By using the right tools, you can streamline your sales process and close more deals asap. If you’re looking to up your marketing efforts be sure to check out our top B2B marketing tools here. 


What is B2B sales software?

B2B sales software is a type of software that helps salespeople manage their customers and prospects. It can include features such as contact management, opportunity tracking, lead scoring and pipeline management. These days large CRM (customer relationship management) software is the most common type of B2B sales software often encompassing a variety of useful tools in a singular subscription/platform. 

What is a B2B CRM?

A B2B CRM system is a customer relationship management software solution that helps businesses manage their interactions with clients and potential customers. It can be used to track sales and marketing efforts, customer service requests, and other important data points. Additionally, a B2B CRM can help companies automate tasks such as email marketing, lead generation, and follow-up communications. By using a B2B CRM, business sales reps and sales teams can improve their customer relationships and overall efficiency.

What are the four types of B2B selling?

The four types of B2B selling are solution selling, relationship selling, consultative selling, and challenger selling. 

Solution selling is the type of selling where the salesperson focuses on presenting the customer with a solution to their problem. 

Relationship selling is the type of selling where the salesperson builds a relationship with the customer in order to better understand their needs. 

Consultative selling is the type of selling where the salesperson provides expert advice to the customer in order to help them make the best decision. 

Challenger selling is the type of selling where the salesperson takes a more aggressive approach and challenges the customer to rethink their current situation.

What is social selling?

Social selling is the use of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to connect with potential customers and build relationships. It can be used to find new leads, nurture existing prospects, and close deals. In the B2B industry harnessing the power of LinkedIn to mine new leads is integral and can be achieved easily with a variety of tools to scrape user data. 

What are lead generation tools?

Lead generation tools are used to collect information about potential customers. This information can then be used to contact these potential customers and market to them. Some common lead generation tools include online forms, surveys, and quizzes.