6 Essential Technical SEO Tools

December 26, 2022

If you're looking to optimize your website's technical SEO, having the right tools on hand is essential.

In this blog post, we'll explore the top 6 essential technical SEO tools you need to stay ahead of the competition. Read on to learn more. 

Google Search Console

For everyone with a website, Google Search Console is a way to see and control your presence in Google SERP.

All you need to do is validate your website by adding a short code to your site or verifying through Google Analytics, then you’ll get access to an extremely useful dashboard outlining clicks and impressions of your site - with location and page breakdowns.

In addition, the tool contains features giving you insight into your page speed ranking, mobile usability, backlinks, sitemap management and URL inspection.

Best of all it’s completely free to use - with Google dominating the search market share this is one tech SEO tool that is an absolute essential in your software stack. 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the leading technical SEO tools available on the market today. It provides a great way to quickly audit a website and uncover any potential issues that are hindering its performance. 

\With Screaming Frog, you can assess everything from broken links and redirects to page titles and meta descriptions, giving you an in-depth view of your website's health. Additionally, it can help identify opportunities for optimization and improvement, allowing you to make changes that will help boost organic search traffic and rankings.

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Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page, public or requiring authentication. 

It has audit capabilities to help you fix common web issues including such as broken links, missing images, poor page structure, and more to assist in refining your tech SEO.

Additionally it can help identify slow-loading pages and potential violations of Google's guidelines for webmasters. 

SE Ranking - Website Audit

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform that can help you improve your website’s organic search engine presence. Through their website audit tool, they can provide a detailed analysis of your site so you can understand where it stands in terms of its search engine optimization.

The SE Ranking website audit tool is designed to quickly identify any potential issues that might be adversely affecting your website’s SEO. It will check your site for broken links, incorrect redirects, and missing meta tags, as well as scan your content for keyword density and ensure that all of the URLs are properly optimized.

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Ahrefs Website Analyzer

Ahrefs Website Analyzer is one of the most powerful and popular technical SEO tools available. It provides users with an array of features to help optimize their website’s search engine performance and get higher rankings on SERPs. 

Ahrefs Website Analyzer is designed to help identify technical issues that might be affecting your website’s performance. It can detect issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and crawl errors that could be holding your site back from getting higher rankings on SERPs. 

Ahrefs also offers a keyword explorer tool that helps you research keywords relevant to your niche or industry. You can find the best long-tail and short-tail keywords to target on your website, as well as see how competitive they are. 


GTMetrix allows you to easily test and monitor the performance of your website. It provides a detailed report that allows you to identify and resolve issues that are slowing down page load times. The tool also provides actionable insights into how to make your pages faster such as image optimization, caching plugins, minification of code and more.

Additionally, GTMetrix offers service-level agreements for high-traffic websites, allowing you to ensure that your website stays up and running. 

Final Thoughts

Technical SEO can be daunting, but the right tools can make it easier. 

The six essential tools listed in this post, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Google Lighthouse, SE Ranking Website Audit, FAQs, Gtmetrix, and Ahrefs Website Analyzer, are great for helping you analyze your website, identify problems and ultimately improve your ranking. 

By utilizing these tools and following best practices for SEO, you can ensure your website is optimized for search engine success.


Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is important because it helps search engines understand a website and its content. Optimizing the technical aspects of a website, such as page speed, site structure and indexability can help ensure that search engines are able to crawl and index every page on the site. This way, all of your pages can be discovered and ranked for relevant keywords in organic search results. 

Additionally, technical SEO helps improve the user experience by making websites easier to navigate across devices, resulting in more visits over time which further improves ranking potential.

Are SEO tools worth it?

The short answer is: yes, SEO tools are absolutely worth it. Investing in the best technical SEO tools can be one of the most effective strategies for improving your search engine rankings and driving more organic traffic to your website. 

With the right SEO toolkit, you can get an edge over the competition by optimizing your content for better online visibility and improved user experience. If you need more help getting your tech stack and strategy up and running be sure to check out our SEO services and get in touch to speak with an expert. 

What technical SEO issue can you solve with an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is an important tool for technical SEO. It ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and a visitor’s browser remains encrypted, which is essential to providing a secure connection and upholding data privacy. 

By implementing an SSL certificate on your website, you can help protect information like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers from being intercepted by hackers. The SSL certificate also works to boost your rankings in search engine results pages, as most search engines now consider HTTPS websites more trustworthy than non-HTTPS sites.