Exploring Google Ads Campaign Types: Choosing the Right One for Your Business

May 6, 2024

Google Ads has different campaign types to boost your Aussie business's visibility and increase conversions. But picking the correct type can be tricky. It's vital to choose wisely to match your advertising strategy with your goals and get the results you want.

Through this article, you'll learn about the various Google Ads campaigns. We'll offer insights to help you select the best one for your needs. So, if you aim to drive sales, raise brand awareness, advertise your app, or encourage in-store visits, a good grasp of each campaign type will guide your decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types to suit different marketing goals and strategies.
  • Choosing the right campaign type is essential to boost visibility and drive conversions.
  • Performance Max campaigns use Google AI optimization to deliver optimal performance across channels.
  • Search campaigns display text ads on search results to reach customers actively searching for your products or services.
  • Display campaigns use visually engaging image ads to increase brand exposure on websites and apps.

Performance Max Campaigns: Access All Channels with Google AI Optimization

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Performance Max campaigns let advertisers achieve their goals more easily. They use a goal-based method to improve results and reach conversion targets. You can use one campaign to access all of Google Ads, making it simpler to find your audience everywhere.

These campaigns use Google AI to make things better in no time. This tech takes data and turns it into more conversions and value. It helps your ads perform better by smartly using information.

Smart Bidding is a key part of Performance Max campaigns. It optimizes your spending to find new chances for conversions. This means your campaigns work harder, giving you a better return on what you spend.

Looking to get more website visitors, increase sales, or get more leads? Performance Max campaigns work well for all these goals. With Google AI and Smart Bidding, you can boost your ad strategy and meet your business needs.

Search Campaigns: Text Ads on Search Results

Search campaigns help businesses boost sales, get more leads, or increase website visits. They use text ads on search results pages. This means your ads reach people looking for what you offer.

These campaigns let you grab the attention of potential buyers just as they're searching. You can show them your ads right in the search results. This is a great way to introduce your products to them.

Search campaigns are great for getting immediate results. When someone clicks on your ad, they go straight to your site. There, they can see what you're about and maybe buy something or sign up.

They also make your website more visible by using the right keywords. Your ads appear to people already interested in your type of products or services. This leads to better website traffic and more chances of making a sale.

Google Ads gives you detailed reports on how your ads are doing. You can see what's working and what's not. This helps you spend your money wisely and get a better return on your investment (ROI).

Search campaigns are essential for a strong online ad strategy. They connect you with potential customers in a very direct way. By showing your ads to those actively looking for your products, these campaigns are efficient. They boost your online visibility significantly.

Display Campaigns: Image Ads on Websites

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Display campaigns help businesses grow their brand and reach the right people. They use beautiful image ads shown on over two million websites and apps. This includes famous places like YouTube.

With display campaigns, companies can show what they offer to lots of potential customers. By using the Google Display Network, they can become more visible and connect with their audience.

Reaching the Right Audience with Audience Targeting

Display campaigns let you target specific groups. Google Ads offers options to make sure your ads reach the most interested people.

You can target based on age, interests, what they do online, or if they've interacted with you before. This means your ads get to the right people at the best time.

Showcasing Visually Engaging Image Ads

The look of image ads grabs attention fast. With striking images and great design, your brand can stand out and be remembered.

Image ads can be static photos, animated GIFs, or interactive banners. This lets businesses pick what matches their brand and campaign goals.

Expand Your Reach with Display Campaigns

Want to grow your brand and find the right audience? Using display campaigns on the Google Display Network is a smart move. With eye-catching image ads and smart targeting, you can get your brand in front of lots of people. This leads to more interest and sales.

Video Campaigns: Ads on YouTube and Other Websites

Video campaigns let advertisers show their ads on YouTube and other sites. This way, they can reach a wide and varied audience. These campaigns are great for making more people aware of brands. They also help increase sales and get more leads.

Video campaigns are engaging because of their visually appealing content. Advertisers have many video ad formats to choose from. They can pick one that matches their campaign goals. You might see a skippable ad that lets you choose to watch it or not. Or a non-skippable ad that makes sure you see the whole thing. Each type fits different needs.

Targeting the right audience is key in video campaigns. Advertisers can set their ads to show to certain people. This is based on things like what they're interested in or their past online actions. By doing this, ads reach the people most likely to be interested. This makes the campaign more effective.

Benefits of Video Campaigns:

  • Drive awareness and consideration for your brand
  • Boost sales and generate leads
  • Engage your audience with visually compelling content
  • Choose from various video ad formats
  • Target specific groups of people with audience targeting

Video campaigns are good for both small and big brands. They help new businesses get known. And they help big brands increase sales. Using video ads and targeting the right people, advertisers can share their messages well. They can grab their audience's attention and meet their goals.

App Campaigns: Promote Your App on Multiple Channels

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App campaigns help you promote your mobile app and reach your marketing goals. They let you get more app installs and drive in-app actions. This strategy covers multiple channels, making sure you reach a lot of people and keep them engaged.

With app campaigns, your ads will be seen on platforms like Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and tons of mobile sites and apps. This broad coverage helps you find a wide range of users. So, you can connect with potential users no matter where they are.

App campaigns offer various ad formats to suit different goals. This variety helps your app stand out from the rest. You can pick from text ads, image ads, or video ads. It's all about picking what’s best for your app and grabs your audience's attention.

In the digital world, mobile marketing is key to making your app successful. App campaigns use mobile marketing's strength to grow your app's presence. They allow you to build a complete mobile marketing plan. A plan that gets more app installs and improves user activity.

So, if you want to boost your app effectively and get more installs and in-app actions, consider app campaigns. They offer a great chance to reach the vast mobile audience. And help you meet your app marketing targets.

Local Campaigns: Promote Locations on Multiple Channels

Local campaigns help businesses boost in-person sales and highlight their local shops. They use many channels like Search, Maps, Display, and YouTube. This lets advertisers reach their local customers effectively.

Businesses can reach out to people searching for local products or services. Ads on Search make businesses visible to these potential customers. Ads on Maps show businesses to customers seeking directions or nearby options. Display and YouTube ads increase brand exposure and engage more local customers.

Local campaigns offer targeted advertising options. Businesses can choose demographics, locations, or interests to reach the right audience. This targeting helps connect with customers likely interested in what's offered. It leads to more engagement and conversions.

Local campaigns work for any business, like boutique stores, cozy cafés, or service providers. They use ads on Search, Maps, Display, and YouTube to promote physical shops. This way, businesses can connect with local communities and increase in-person sales.

Smart Campaigns: Set Up and Automate Your Campaigns with Google AI

Smart campaigns make it easy for advertisers to get started and automate with ease. They use Google AI to find the right customers and get good results. This lets you reach people who are interested in what you offer.

If you're short on time or new to running campaigns, Smart campaigns help a lot. They're simple to set up. This means you can get a campaign going quickly to meet your business aims.

Google AI uses smart tech to make your Smart campaigns work better. It chooses the right customers for you. This means better chances to connect with folks likely to be interested in your business.

Smart campaigns let you reach out to people on Search, Display, and YouTube easily. The setup is straightforward, and Google AI handles the tough parts. This lets you pay attention to other business needs.

They're great for any business size, especially if you're tight on time or money. Using Google AI and automation helps you use your ad budget wisely. And, you can hit your marketing targets without stress.


Choosing the right campaign type is key for a good advertising strategy in Google Ads. It's about understanding your business goals, who you want to reach, the ad format, and your budget. This helps advertisers make smart choices that increase visibility and get more sales for their businesses.

If you need help with your business, Soone Agency can assist you. Google Ads offers different campaign types tailored to various marketing goals. Performance Max campaigns leverage Google AI to enhance performance across multiple channels. Search campaigns concentrate on text ads within search results to drive sales, leads, and increase website traffic. Display campaigns showcase image ads to enhance brand visibility, while video campaigns place ads on platforms like YouTube to captivate viewers and boost sales. Additionally, App campaigns target mobile app promotion, while local campaigns assist local businesses in improving their visibility.


What are Performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns let advertisers use all Google Ads spots with one campaign. They make the most out of conversions using Google AI. This method optimizes ads over time and channels.

They also adjust your spending to find new chances for conversions.

How do search campaigns work?

Search campaigns focus on getting more sales, leads, or website visits. They show text ads in search results. This helps advertisers meet people looking for what they offer.

What are display campaigns?

Display campaigns boost brand awareness across many websites and apps. Ads appear on a network that includes over two million sites, like YouTube. They let advertisers pick who sees their ads.

How do video campaigns work?

Video campaigns show ads on YouTube and more. They're great for raising brand interest or getting more sales. There are various ad styles for different goals. Targeting options ensure your ads reach the right people.

What are app campaigns?

App campaigns aim to get more people to install and use mobile apps. Ads run on Google's big network, like Search, Play, and YouTube. These campaigns adjust to meet your app promotion goals.

How do local campaigns help businesses?

Local campaigns encourage visits to physical stores. They use channels like Search, Maps, and YouTube. This helps businesses connect with local customers effectively.

What are smart campaigns?

Smart campaigns are easy for advertisers to set up and run. Google's AI finds the best customers and brings in results. They're perfect for those new to ad campaigns or with little time.