Writing to Convert: Proven Copywriting Tips for Killer Google Ads

May 21, 2024

In Australia, good ad copy is key to success in Google Ads. This online platform helps businesses show their ads on Google and the internet. Your ad's headline, URL, and description should work together. They must grab your audience's attention and get them to act.

To make your Google Ads shine, focus on benefits not just features. Use feelings like excitement or urgency. These can make people more likely to click on your ad. Also, set a deadline or show you meet a specific need. Adding your keywords in smart ways and testing your copy helps too.

There isn't a fixed formula for perfect Google Ads. But, staying on top of trends and using best practices really helps. From search to video ads, good copywriting principles stand firm. Keep refining your skills to stay ahead in the game.

Key Takeaways:

- Highlight the benefits of your product or service, not just the features
- Use emotional triggers that tap into your audience's desires, fears or aspirations
- Create a sense of urgency to encourage immediate action
- Closely mirror the search intent behind your target keywords
- Incorporate your target keywords naturally throughout your ad copy
- Leverage Google's ad extensions to provide more information and opportunities to engage
- Continuously test and optimise your ad copy to improve performance over time

Understanding Google Ads Copy

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In the digital advertising world, knowing Google Ads copy is key. It was once called Google AdWords. This platform lets businesses show ads on Google and other sites based on user searches.

What is Google Ads Copy?

Google Ads copy is the text in your paid Google ads. It includes the headline, display URL, and description. Good copy grabs attention, gets clicks, and turns viewers into customers.

Components of Google Ads Copy

The main parts of a Google ad are the headline, URL, and description. The headline is seen first and is very important. The URL shows where users go when they click. The description gives more info about your product or service. Make each part effective to connect with your audience and get them to act.

Crafting Effective Google Ads Copy

To create high-performing google ads copywriting, it's key to focus on highlighting the benefits over features of your product or service. Show how your offer helps the user. This makes your ads more appealing and can lead to more clicks.

Use emotional triggers that appeal to what users want, fear, or dream of. This makes your ad copy stand out. It also creates a sense of urgency that can push users to act quickly.

Focus on Benefits Over Features

When you write your effective google ads copy, talk more about benefits than features. Explain how your product meets a need or solves a problem. This method usually grabs more attention.

Use Emotional Triggers

Connect with users' emotions to make google ads more memorable. Use emotional triggers that make users feel desire, fear, pride, or a sense of belonging. This can help build a stronger bond with your audience.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Adding a sense of urgency to your ad copy motivates users to act fast. Mentioning limited-time offers or low stock can drive more clicks. It's a powerful way to get results from your ads.

Remember, testing different copywriting styles is crucial. See how they affect your click-through rate and conversion rate. By tweaking your advertising based on what the numbers show, you can better reach and engage your audience.

Mirroring Search Intent

When you craft your Google Ads, think about what the people want. You need to match the search level of your audience. They might use broad or very specific terms when they look for things.

Reflect Query Specificity

Your ad headline and description should meet the user's intent. Let's say someone looks up "shoes." Then, your ad can be about all kinds of shoes. But if they're after "women's Nike shoes," your ad should focus only on those.

Optimise Display URLs

Make your display URL match the search to improve the user experience. For "shoes," use "example.com/shoes." For "women's Nike shoes," go with "example.com/womens-nike-shoes." This makes their journey smooth and boosts ad success and CRO efforts.

Google Ads Copywriting Tips

Creating strong ad copy is important, but there's more you can do to boost your Google Ads success.

Include Target Keywords

It's vital to include your target keywords in the ad headline and description. This makes your ad more relevant to what users are searching for. Including these words improves your ad's chances of being seen, clicked, and leading to a sale.

Leverage Ad Extensions

Google offers ad extensions that allow you to add extra details. Such as links to your site, unique selling points, and customer reviews. By using these extensions, you make your ads more useful and appealing. This can boost your ad's performance and lead to more clicks and sales.

Types of Google Ads Copy

To make Google ads that work, understand the ad types. You'll meet search ads, display ads, and video ads. Adjust your writing for each type.

Search Ads

Search ads show up on Google's first page as text. They have a headline, URL, and a description. The headline is key for catching eyeballs. It must clearly show what your product or service offers. The URL and description add more info to connect your offering with what people are looking for.

Display Ads

Display ads are seen on various sites through Google's Display Network. They include images or text, or both. For these ads, keep your message short and powerful. It should match the visuals well. This makes an ad that grabs attention and invites people to learn more on your website.

Video Ads

Video ads play on YouTube and similar sites. For these, you might need to write a script. Make your video copy exciting and useful. And, make sure it fits the audience and platform. Your aim is to clearly show your product's strengths and urge viewers to act.

Though each ad type has its own rules, the key to effective ads stays the same. Focus on showing benefits, touch emotions, and match what people search for. Testing and improving your ads over time is crucial. This way, you can make your Google ads perform the best they can.

Testing and Optimising Ads

A laptop and search engine

Testing and improving your Google Ads is crucial for better results. One way to do this is split testing. This involves making several versions of an ad and seeing which one works best. Key metrics, like click-through rate and conversion rate, should guide your decisions.

By analysing quality score, impressions, clicks, and cost-per-click, you can learn a lot. This data helps you make smarter choices for your future ad designs.

Split Testing

Experimenting with different ad copies is a journey. You find what works best by testing, tweaking, and testing again. This way, your ads become more engaging and hit the mark with your audience. This is how you get the most out of your Google advertising efforts.

Analysing Performance Metrics

Keeping an eye on your Google Ads performance metrics is key. Metrics like conversion rate and click-through rate show which ads are connecting with people. Your quality score helps you understand how well Google thinks of your ads.

Continuous A/B testing and tweaking ads based on data is essential. This process helps your campaigns over time. As you make improvements, your ads can perform even better.

Tools for Writing Better Google Ads

There are many tools to help with writing great Google Ads. For example, Jasper, now known as Jarvis, uses AI to make writing easier. It can create ads that really work, based on what you need.

Using google ads copywriting tools and ad copy generators can make your job quicker and easier. These writing assistants help you be more productive and efficient. You can make lots of convincing copy that fits your brand.

These tools also let you do split tests and see detailed analytics. This means you can test different ads and see what works best. By using these google ads copywriting tools, your ads can reach and convince more people in Australia.


Making strong Google Ads copywriting in Australia is key for successful ad campaigns. Aim for benefits more than features. Use emotions, cause a rush, and fit what people look for. This grabs user attention and boosts sales. Also, using key words and extending ads helps more.

There isn't a perfect formula, but sticking to what works and using helpful tools is smart. This way, Aussie companies can make their Google Ads investment work harder. A good Google Ads copy makes a big ad difference. Keep the key takeaways and keep on improving your strategy. This will help your ads connect well and do great.

At Soone Agency, we can help you maximize your Google Ads investment. Our team focuses on what works best and utilizes the most effective tools to enhance your ad performance. We specialize in crafting compelling ad copy and continuously refining your strategy to ensure your ads resonate with your audience and achieve outstanding results. Partner with us to make your Google Ads campaigns truly impactful.


What is Google Ads copy?

Google Ads copy is the text in Google's paid ads. You see it in search results. It's the headline, URL, and description.

What are the key components of Google Ads copy?

The headline, URL, and description are key. The headline is vital as it catches the eye first. The URL shows where the click goes. The description gives extra info.

How can I create high-performing Google Ads copy?

Focus on the benefits, not the features. Show how your product helps the customer. Adding emotion and urgency can make your ad more powerful.

Why is it important to mirror search intent in my Google Ads copy?

It's critical for your ad to match what the user is looking for. Use words that fit their search. This shows your ad is what they need. Make sure the headline and description align with their intent.

What copywriting tips can I use to optimise my Google Ads?

Some tips for better ads are: - Place keywords smartly in the headline and description - Use Google's extensions for more info - Continually check ad performance to tweak and improve them

What types of Google Ads require different copywriting approaches?

Different Google Ads like search, display, and video need unique approaches.:

  • Search ads are on Google's result pages
  • Display ads are images across the web
  • Video ads show on platforms like YouTube

How can tools help me write better Google Ads copy?

Tools like Jasper (formerly Jarvis) use AI to craft stronger headlines and descriptions. They cut down on time and effort. Plus, they can help make ads more appealing to your audience.